Bangladesh Cultural School

Established in 2005, Bangladesh Cutural School (BCS) is providing education to the Bangla community people. The ambition of the school is to introduce the Bangla cultural ancestry to the next generation and to commence Bangla as a second language of communication for them.

RBS is conducted every term with four classes: Bangla Language, Religion, Bangla Music, Oriental and Cultural Art.Highly academic scholar, Dr. Muhammad Habib Ullah has been supporting as Principle and Religion teacher of this school. BDSS and the community people are in debt for his effort and contribution to carry on the school as a successful organization.

Bangla is one of the richest languages in the world. Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam , Miachael Modhusudan Dutta, Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah and many more enriched Bangla language and culture. Also Bangladesh is the only nation who fought to establish Bangla language on 21 February, 1952. United Nation has declared the day as International Mother Tongue day.

Respectable BDSS Senior member and eminent poet in Sydney, Mr. Hayet Mahmud has engaged in the Rockdale Bangla School for the Bangla language class.

Rabindra, Nazul, Laloon, Classical and modern Bangla song is major part of Bangla culture. Well-known Music teacher at Sydney, Mrs. Rubina Akter has been teaching successfully on music to the community people in the school.

In the year 1943, Bengali Artist Zainul Abedin received International recognition for his sketches on famine, which was glorious moment for the Bengali people. S. M. Sultan, Kamrul Hasan and other renowned artist also contributed their intangible knowledge to enhance the Art and culture of the Bengali people.

Since Jan’2011, Professional Artist and Interior designer Mrs Deepa Islam has been working in the Rockdale Bangla School as an Art teacher.

School Hour
Every Sunday from 10.00am to 1.30pm
School closed for Christmas holiday and closed for two weeks end of every term (2 weeks of holiday after every 10 weeks of class)

Dr. Habib Ullah, Principal
School Location
Rockdale Public School
Lord Street, Rockdale